Woo hoo! It’s new catalogue time!

Well the countdown is over, no more time to wait! For those of us in the crafty world, it feels like Christmas morning!  The new 2017-2018 Annual Stampin’ Up! Catalogue is here! So, what are you waiting for? Drop off the kids (hubby, partner, parent, friend or whoever might be in the way) grab a coffee and sit down for some “me” time to look through the new catalogue!

Oh, and don’t forget a pen and paper to write down your Wishlist as you go through it. Sticking post it notes on the pages that you want things is another great way but you’ll need a hard copy of the catalogue for this, so send me an email or give me a call. But let’s be honest, don’t you want everything?!? So maybe write your lists in preference order. What you will get first order, second, third etc.

I won’t make you wait any longer, so here it is…

(just click on the image and it will open the online version of the catalogue)

For this of you who don’t have time right now to sit down a look at every page of the catalogue, here’s a quick video from Stampin’ Up! showcasing some of the new items from the 2017-2018 Annual Catalogue.

So, what do you think? You want everything, right? Well let me help you get some of these goodies into your hands. Email me at stampinstrazds@gmail.com or call on 0408 448 426 and we can place your order today.  Or, get a group of friends and family together and host a new catalogue party, that way you earn the Stampin Rewards so you can get even more goodies from the catalogue for free!  Contact me today.

Happy stamping




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